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Date:05/03/2018 07:45:23

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Date:02/03/2018 21:48:11

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Margaret Walton (anonymous@anonymous.com)
Date:20/02/2018 02:33:10
Subject:Great 3 weeks in The Gambia and Senegal

We spend 3 weeks in northern Senegal and The Gambia, with most of the time in Gambia. Our guide, Ebrima Barry is a very skilled birdwatcher. He is amazing at not only spotting the birds, but quickly identifying them. I appreciate how he repeated the name of the bird, and also pointed out identifying characteristics. He was patient and good humoured. We had a driver for all parts of the trip except for the coast. Ams was a very careful driver, guide and great company. He was always eager to tell us about life in The Gambia. In our two weeks in Gambia we saw 304 species. Total species for the trip was 365, 172 of which were life birds for me.


Lyn Hunt (Anonymous@anonymous.com)
Date:23/11/2017 15:46:53
Subject:Birding trips

We went birding with Ebrima Barry 8 times in our fortnights holiday. He is a brilliant birder and found us 220 species including a Flufftail and a Yellow-bill, Quailfinch and White fronted plovers which were Lifers for us after 5 times of visiting we were delighted to get new birds. Ebrima is well mannered and has a good sense of humour and we recommend him highly.


jules %26 yoz (fry.julia3@gmail.com)
Date:22/12/2014 18:44:40

Travelled to see the birds 03rd-13th nov 2014, met the lovely Ebrima Barry, who was our guide, he is passionate about birds and never fails to deliver, his ability to hear and keen eye for birds is amazing and his whistling calls are brilliant. We went everywhere including a journey to the jungle by the gambian river were we took a boat through the splendid mangroves, so idyllic and the birds were amazing, i had a top twitch a klaas's cuckoo, i was a novice when we went but am totally hooked. I thoroughly recommend Ebrima he never fails to deliver and is fun to be around.


Sue %26 John (@sjudge464@tiscali.co.uk)
Date:28/11/2014 15:30:38
Subject:All round excellence from a first class Bird Guide

Trip taken 11th-25th November, 2014
Following our first trip to The Gambia in January 2014 we wanted to return to see birds in their full breeding plumage and to take an 'up river' trip. We had joined a friend on a visit to the Farasuto forest on our final January day, guided by Ebrima, and his calibre was clear so when we couldn't contact our former guide we had no hesitation in contacting Ebrima to see if he could accommodate us. His reply was by return and he agreed to our request to guide us for three days during our first week (we wanted alternate, more lazy, days self-guided around the Kotu area). He also arranged the five day/four night up river trip for the second week down to minute detail including all meals, soft drinks and with a constant supply of chilled bottled water. We were joined up river by a photographer friend and throughout Ebrima managed to balance our differing needs and abilities without anyone feeling shortchanged (not easy). Ebrima has superb identification skills and upon recognising calls and songs seems to have the ability to 'charm' the birds out into open view. He is an excellent driver with his own very comfortable 4x4 vehicle and whilst travelling seems to have an instinctive awareness of birds on wires and in the air so regularly pulls off the road to point out anything from a perched Red-necked Falcon to a soaring Eagle or Mosque Swallow. Ebrima's site knowledge, including up river, is bang up to date so on being provided with your 'shopping list' will readily suggest the best places to 'shop' for your target species. His enthusiasm for his subject means he his happy to 'bird' from dawn to dusk if required but is happy to tailor trips to the needs of clients of any age or ability. Finally, and very importantly when spending so much time with someone, Ebrima is delightful company. We hope to return to the Gambia soon and it goes without saying that Ebrima will be our guide of choice.


dave and gill atkinson (davegill2009@live.co.uk)
Date:27/11/2013 12:28:23
Subject:superb birding with a top guide

1st visit to the gambia ,got in touch with Ebrima well in advance,lovely quick response and mouthwatering birding venues on offer.Ebrima's brilliant!,a real class act,did local Kotu area,creek,sewage ponds,cycle track 2-3hrs , golfcourse 2-3hrs[twice] and a must Lamin ricefields and Abuko forest half day.Ebrima picks out birds easily and has bird call's to a tee giving you all the time to watch,photograph or video in your own time.If you need a guide,use the best, Ebrima Barry's his name,a lovely man with a great enthusiasm for wildlife.Will be back lots of love dave and gill


Chris Massie-Taylor (massie-taylor@ntlworld.com)
Date:22/09/2013 14:27:57
Subject:Ebrima Barry - Birdguide

We have used Ebrima as our guide on 3 visits to the Gambia and have found him to be be exceptional. We are bird photographers and he fully understands our requirements: Here is an example of some of the birds we have photographed whilst with Ebrima : http://www.cmtbirdphotos.co.uk/p62483860
Ebrima is most highly recommended and you should definately take one of his tours up country.


Jeannet Spronk (nennespronk@hotmail.com)
Date:02/05/2013 14:17:50
Subject:birding tour

this year was the fourth time that I went birding with Ebrima. He never lets you down, he will always find the right spots. for the second time I went to Tendaba, on the way we made several stops. we spotted for example bronzewinged courser and the african crake and the spotted thicknee, many different raptors, f.e. bateleur, martial eagle, african goshawk.I look forward to my next trip. jeannet


Adriaan (adriaan_seynaeve@hotmail.com)
Date:13/01/2012 15:27:06
Subject:Upcountry trip

In December 2011 Ebrima took us on a 3 day trip up-country. We saw a lot of splendid birds. We had some very good looks on many raptors. Photographic opportunities were also excellent. Ebrima knows the good spots. His sharp eye and good knowledge of the sounds enabled him to find also the difficult and well camouflaged birds.
A trip to remember!


Andy Cartmell (marybank@mac.com)
Date:04/12/2011 12:22:47
Subject:Simply the best...

Have been out on several trips with Ebrima on past holidays and they have always been most enjoyable. This year we took the plunge and went 'up country' for three days. The trip was exceedingly well organised and he has a knack of finding all the spots for some excellent birdwatching. And whether from the side of the road, on a boat trip or simply walking in the bush, his knowledge of Gambian birds is second to none. Fantastic value and a genuinely nice guy to be with. If you want to see some great sights, Ebrima is your man


Roger Smith (rfs@brighton.ac.uk)
Date:25/05/2011 19:51:06
Subject:Birding at Esater 2011

I went birding with Ebrima for 6 half days over Easter. I first got in touch via email. I was very impressed by the efficient and reliable service he supplies and what you agree is what he delivers. He is a very good birder and good company and we saw nearly 200 birds, including 44 lifers, without going away from the coast. His big 4x4 is comfortable and reliable and I would have no hesitation in going with him on a longer trip. Highly recommended - you can sort out the guiding and itinerary before you get to the Gambia. This saves time and a lot of hassle when you get there.


Stuart Hinton (s@stuartandjackie.plus.com)
Date:02/04/2011 16:39:40
Subject:Gambia Birdwatching Trip - 12th - 19th March 2011

My third trip to the Gambia. Main purpose was to see species I had missed before. Ebrima took me to some well known coastal sites and then a four day trip to Tendaba %26 Georgetown. Very successful. Included African Finfoot, Martial Eagle %26 Carmine, Little Green and Red-throated Bee-eaters.
Ebrima comes highly recommended. My only reservation was time of year, better to go mid-winter, when temperatures are cooler.
Over 200 species seen.


John Diley (jadpad@talktalk.net)
Date:13/11/2010 09:39:32
Subject:Birding in The Gambia, 29th Oct to 5th Nov 2010

I have just returned from my first visit to The Gambia, one week at the Kombo Beach Hotel, myself [a birder] %26 my wife [non-birder]. I had a fantastic time with great birds. For anyone in a situation like mine [first visit, birding on my own] hiring a local guide is a must. At least for some of the time. Ebrima accompanied me to Abuko, Brufut Wood, Fajara Golf Course %26 the other local "hot spots". I consider him to be a very knowledgable guide who knows his birds %26 he is very good company. I would recommend him without hesitation. I travelled no further than Abuko %26 still managed 174 species, 123 of which were "lifers". How many I would have missed birding on my own without a good guide I do not know but certainly a lot less. For anyone who may be interested I have written a trip report on "Travellingbirder.com".


lucy rennie (lucyrennie777@hotmail.com)
Date:05/01/2009 20:53:17
Subject:Birding in The Gambia

Returned from a fantastic birdwatching trip with Ebrima. As a relative newcomer to birdwatching I was amazed to have added 160 new birds to my list in just two and a half days. Highlights included the Western Bluebeard, Goliath Heron, Short Toed Eagle, Wahlberg's Eagle and the African Fin Foot. I would recommed Ebrima as a very experienced and friendly bird guide. The trip up country to Tendaba was a real highlight of our holiday.


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